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How To make Vanilla Velvet Ice Cream


6 lg Eggs, beat until pale yellow

-and very frothy 4 c Cane sugar, adding one cup

-at a time; beat until very -smooth, Scraping bowl often 2 tb Vanilla, and beat in well

1 ts Salt

2 qt Heavy whipping cream; slowly

-add this cream to the Eggs/sugar/vanilla/salt -mixture Pour mixture into ice cream -maker 1 1/2 qt Of half 'n half; stir

-briskly while adding to -mixture This is a "hard-work great-tasting" ice cream Freeze ice cream as per manufactures recommendation This will keep about ten days if packed and sealed in the freezer. Since this ice cream is not cooked and contains no preservatives it gets very hard in the freezer, and should be used within ten days.

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