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How To make Make Ahead Hot Cereal


1 large amount cooked hot cereal -- cooled

Simple Hot Cereal Toppers 1. Maple syrup

2. Crunchy low fat granola

3. Apple butter

4. Dried mixed tropical fruit

5. Drained pineapple chunks

6. Sliced bananas & flaked coconut

7. Fruit preserves

8. Warmed cinnamon applesauce

9. Peanut butter & semisweet chocolate -- chips

Special Toppers 1. Saute sliced apples in butter & -- cinnamon

2. Toasted pecan pieces & caramel topping

3. Dried cranberries heated in cranberry -- juice

until soft

Cook a large batch of hot cereal and let it cool in the pot (it will become quite stiff). Using an ice cream scoop, drop serving size mounds on a foil-lined cookied sheet. Freeze until hard; pop portions into a plastic freezer bag, seal and return to freezer. To serve, place cereal in a microwave safe bowl and microwave on high until hot, stirring occasionally. Top with "Simple Toppers" or "Special Toppers" listed above.

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