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How To make Crisp Cooked Vegetable Appetizer


4 sm Green bell peppers, grilled,

skinned & rinsed 4 ea Tomatoes, skinned & seeded
1/2 lg Spanish onion
2 sm Eggplants, trimmed
4 sm Zucchini, trimmed
Olive oil 2 ea Garlic cloves, chopped
2 ts Sweet red pepper
Salt & black pepper 2 sm Hot red peppers, sliced

TO SERVE---------------------------------- Olive oil Lemon juice Lettuce leaves 2 tb Italian parsley, chopped
Seed & core the peppers. Cut peppers, tomatoes & onions into cubes. Cut eggplants & zucchini into 1/2" cubes. Wash, drain & saute in 6 tb olive oil along with the garlic, sweet pepper, salt & black pepper, until slightly softened. Add green peppers & onion & a little more oil if necesary & stir & cook over a low heat until the vegetables are tender but crisp. Add tomatoes hot peppers, toss once & remove pan from heat. Let cool. Sprinkle with olive oil & lemon juice & pile high on the lettuce leaves. Sprinkle each portion with parsley & serve.

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