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How To make Braised Endive


1/2 lb Belgian endive; sliced in
-Rings 1 sm Red Delicious Apple, diced
2 tb Fresh lemon Juice;
2 ts Walnut oil;
Pinch salt; Pepper to taste; 1/2 c Water;
2 tb Apple cider vinegar;
1 tb Fresh parsley; chopped
Place all ingredients except vinegar and parsley in a large skillet. Remove cover, cook 2 minutes more until water evaporates. Continue cooking over medium heat 5 minutes. Stir in vinegar. Garnish with parsley. Food Exchange per serving: 1 VEGETABLE EXCHANGE + 1/2 FAT EXCHANGE CAL: 50; CHO: 0mg; CAR: 7g; PRO: 1g; SOD: 44mg; FAT: 3g; Source: Light & Easy Diabetic Cuisine by Betty Marks. Brought to you and yours via Nancy O'Brion and her Meal-Master

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